Currently, the global Air Compressor industry is rapidly developing. Compressor industry is the basic industry in national economy, and the blood in industrial production. India is in the heart-land in the Compressor making Industry.
The ideal meeting place between ...


JS Kalsi Industries has maintained quality standards with sustained implementation of quality parameters by conforming to the latest, approved industryCustomising to client specifications is the hallmark of Maruti’s versatility and adaptability in initiating and welcoming ....

An Air Compressor is a versatile tool that can perform a variety of tasks when attached to Air tools, also known as pneumatic tools, Air tools have several advantages over electric power tools: they have more torque and power than conventional power tools, more durability because of fewer moving parts, and they’re easy to use...


We take this opportunity to Introduce ourselves as a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Air-Compressors, We at J.S KALSI INDUSTRIES is a well-known and established name in Industry and having experience of more than three decades. The foundation stone of the company laid down by Iron Man S. Jaswant Singh Kalsi in 1975 and presently we are the leading manufacturers and exporters in our range of products.

S. Jaswant Singh Kalsi
is a self made man after crossing so many hurdles, Ultimately with the blessing of WAHEGURU (Almighty God!). He came out as a one of the successful businessman of Northern India. He was first in Punjab to manufacture Gear-Box (for Water-Pump) and Air-Compressors in 1975
. We are now manufacturing of high class Air - Compressors in various Sizes and are supplying to various reputed companies worldwide. We have now established our plant in 9400 S. ft. and are marketig all our products under our popular brand name .
Single Stage Air Compressor
Two Stage Air Compressor
Multi Stage Air Compressor
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